Pardon Me, I’m NOT Present

The whirlwind of my life causes me to spend almost as much time in the car driving as I do at my forty hour desk job. How is that possible? I must be travelling great distances, or just travelling small distances multiple times. Who knew that the beast I would need to overcome would be constant sitting – usually driving from 7am when we hop into the wagon until 8:30 am, working from 8:30 until 4:30 (which is 90% sitting,) and then driving again from 4:30pm until 6 (on days that I am lucky) or later like 8pm (if some sporting event or errand or other commitment declares my attention and transportation.)  You must be wondering why I am oversharing these ridiculous facts about how much and when I am sitting. Well, please pardon me, I’m not present in my craft life much.

May the counsel present the first Exhibit A: Knitting Lila #2,

Made it to joining the sleeves and set it aside for two weeks while reminding myself of how to do the provisional cast on so I can knit the sleeves top down and keep my sweater seamless. I finally conquer the provisional cast on after at least four attempts to get cruising on the yoke decreases.  This takes me about a week.  Two nights ago I am on the last decrease round and I pull up the pattern to check where I am heading next only to realize that I neglected to knit a normal round after each decrease round. (epic face palm + expletives + F.F.S. outbursts)

At this late hour of the day I chose to unknit two rounds.  The next morning I chose to thread a smaller circ through one of the beginning decrease rounds and pull back. This was uneven, so in my wisdom I chose to yank back to where I joined the provisional cast on.  Should have been gravy from there folks, but NO, NO, NO! Enter knitting anomaly where there is a large section on either side of the bound off underarm stitches where the yarn is loose, but there is NO END?


I tackle this by attempting to knit it from one end to the other. No go, unknit. I decide to go the other way, and find a 4″ loop between two stitches on the same round! I really couldn’t tell you just how this happened or why, but did see the tail yarn about 4 stitches from the bound off underarm section at the end of that section. I chose to unknit towards it and reknit with the right side part of the loop to solve this ever-loving knitting conundrum. There was NO WAY I was pulling back and starting the entire beast over again. I am so close. Luckily, I believe this has solved my issue and I’m two rounds in to the proper K all + decrease round combination.

The counsel rests on the matter of knitting the Lila sweater and presents Exhibit B: Sewing Shenanigans that are never, ever, complete.

Back in the summer, there was a fabric sale and I found all these wonderful fabrics to plan a good number of items for a fall wardrobe or things I could wear to work or to fill gaps of fabric to make patterns that I didn’t have the right fabric for. We all know how that goes. One such gem was the Heritage Rayon that I felt was destined to be a Varda dress.  Well I made a muslin I think it was in August and keep trying to decide if I should make any adjustments before forging ahead with the buttery soft rayon I selected. Last week, and before her passing I might add, I chose to pull out my Nancy Ziemen Busy Woman’s Guide to fitting to try fixing my sloping shoulder, and apply it to the pattern and test it in a shirt capacity as I found enough scrap to give it a go. Things just went wrong here because I cut the back on a fold – WHY? and then realized that something was off when I tried to line up the sides to baste things together for a quick fit. Well, the fit in the bust is spot on, but the neckline is suspiciously strange due to the new modified shoulder slant. And of course, because I have a teenager with a social calendar that is 25 miles from where we live, this if where I left off on Saturday.

As you can imagine I have been scratching my head ever since, trying to figure out why I am not present in my crafty hobbies and causing such headaches for myself.  The main conclusions I arrive at are as follows:

  • I’m trying to do too much in too little time to steep in the process and enjoy it.
  • By wanting to do a project quickly I’m forgetting to be careful in following directions.
  • I don’t have enough time to do multiple things well, but that isn’t stopping me from trying.,
  • I’m driven by the need to have new wardrobe pieces to enjoy, but stall out because I don’t want to make a mistake with the good fabric.
  • I’m having second thoughts on the fabric choices and pattern combinations.
  • I have too many projects lingering and too much of a mess to make my decisions easily.

Do YOU have any strategies to share about how to make the most of your hobby time when your enthusiasm has lead you beyond the edge of control?  Short of clearing all the tables and stuffing things aside I’m not sure what to do, but have Thanksgiving weekend to conquer at least part of my self-inflicted craft overload.

Again, pardon me, I’m not present. For if I were I would not make these kinds of crazy problems for myself. My time is limited and I need to find a better way. Lead me oh sewing friends and strangers. Be my guide. Show me the light on the other side.