One in six: the odds have improved.

This is where we will begin. If I wanted to type a new blog today, I couldn’t because my right hand has some issues – tendonitus. I have sewing plans, yet must refrain. I’ve  planned for work towards other goals, but also must refrain from participating in those activities. So thanks to technology I’m using the microphone and making edits with my left hand.

Sewing & knitting updates…

Currently working on: 

Togue Pond tank revamp – armhole ribbing & weaving in ends. Much happier with this in a smaller size than my original from 2015. Although I probably could have done another 10 rounds on the front strap.

Brassie joggers – waistband & hemming. Instant cozy loungewear. Why did I wait so long?

Baby quilt gift – binding! 

Hawaiian shirt for my boy- cut out & ready to sew.

New supplies to use before they   become stash…

April Rhodes Heritage rayon – destined to be a dress

Art gallery knit – tees or weekend wear

Legacy fiber arts steel toe- possibly an April Fool shawl 

Completed since December…

Green tee 

Alberta Street Pencil skirt

Self-drafted maxi dress

and a few others from the real project log…