You are lucky too.

At the end of a very long Sunday, I stepped outside to look at the moon. It was still behind our pecan trees, but as I looked north a meteor sped east to west low in the sky directly in my gaze. Seconds after turning to look up. Talk about timing!

It’s my reminder for the week that just being alive is pretty lucky. I’ll take a dose of that. 

And hey, you’re lucky too. Remember it.



What to do, when things don’t make sense?

Life is strange and we can never see what’s coming. These are a few random things…

My favorite little town in Oregon damaged by a tornado this morning:

Instagram video from North of Manzanita

Local coverage in the Tillamook County Pioneer

A well stated commentary from OneHotMess: You Cannot Put the Toothpaste Back in the Tube

But what do you do next?

The sudden loss of a gentle giant:

It’s an unpredictable world without guarantees. Be grateful for what moments you have, for those you share them with, and both the beauty and heartache along the way.

Keep your chin up friends.