Can I wrap busy with a tidy little bow?

I can tell that I’m busy because I spend very little time sitting in my amazing creative space gazing at my favorite tree and planning. In fact, I’m hardly home at all. An hour of awake time before running out the door in the morning and home after 8 three nights per week. I swear it feels like the busy has multiplied.

This does not stop me from adding projects to the list, I took action on some Pin-spiration and my laundry area has been in disarray for two weeks now. Two coats of midnight blue later the peach from eight years ago is finally gone. Then I had to remove all 14 cabinet doors and the hinges, and the knobs for operation white to stained via chalk paint.

I have to distress a few spots, apply dark wax, dry and then the sealing wax. So another week of that and looking at the disaster contained in all of the 14 cabinets until I can put the doors back up. EEK! How will I survive without a Kondo purge? (Add it to the list.) I promise to post photos of the transformation when we’ve finished.

On a different tangent altogether, I’m guilty of walking and knitting. I’ll be damned to sacrifice my creative time just because I’m trying to be healthier and more active. I love the statistics side of wearing a Fitbit, but I still want to create. Currently on the needles a Rose City Roller using up random remainders.

One other loose end on my projects list is a baby gift for my cousin’s wee one set to arrive in October. I have been playing with precut squares and then feeling overwhelmed that it looked too…old looking.

So yesterday morning I gave myself permission to try something different, which led to a bit of risky sewing. So I’ve arrived here…

and I’m pleased with where it’s going. The reward was in pressing and squaring. Once again I promise an update when there’s progress/completion. 

Busy days, and projects that must be finished. How busy is your fall?