Sometimes in life we stop to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. This summer seems to be the season for me to stop and take inventory and make changes (or plans for how to begin the shift.)

You may remember that in the spring I was blessed with a grand new space for all of my sewing and creative outlets. I embarked on a yoga shorts collaboration with my teacher and placed high hopes on momentum. Then life happened, momentum careened off course and slowed. Leading me to this current headspace.

In the meantime, I finished knitting my Seawall socks (pictured in heading image.) I am also ridiculously close to finishing my Sunlight shawl, but after pulling back from the bind off once because I ran out of yarn 1/2 way aling the bindoff, I didn’t pull back far enough the second tome and ended short 12″ (or less). So I need to track down about a yard of lace weight to finish the bind off because I am not ripping it back again. 

(*update* caved and bought some lace weight at HCW in Austin yesterday and knocked it out. Blocked and done.)

I’ve been making slow progress on a few things:

  • Proper waistline placement for my Charleston as dropwaist was NOT the look this dress is meant for. All I have left is to reinforce the new waist seam and bind the neckline & arms.
  • Wiksten tank muslin need to add extra bust width and proceed on wearable item using the animal print rayon from my  Indiesew splurge earlier this year.
  • Cut out pieces for the Retro Rucksack (including lining from stash scraps that were gifted to me) just need to get more fabric for straps and hardware
  • Scrap pieces stacked for Petal Pouches
  • Random 2″ square charmpack from MQC to make baby quilt 
  • Unravelled Togue Pond tank in Quince & Co. Linen to make a more cropped version
  • Unravelled my first sweater from luscious Rowan because it was calling to be saved from the oversized unwearable calamity of a cardigan mashup into a real gem of a Lila.
  • Began a soduko wardrobe planner focus on what to make, overwhelming. Need to revise & include what I have.
  • Assembled Pdf patterns. (More to print & assemble)

And then I realized where do I have the time for this? How can I possibly accomplish anything? And those thoughts threw me under the bus. Immobilized! Woeful & depressed. So I go back to organizing my stash, supplies, patterns, etc. trying to plan for how to use what I have.

One thing at a time. Take it step by step. Breath by breath. Allow the space to unravel and the time to plan anew for things that fit my body better, match the wardrobe plan and maintain continued versatility. Then it can simplify.

How do you tackle these moments? What helps you to get back on track?


3 thoughts on “Unravelling

  1. Absolutely know how you must feel.
    Overwhelmed at the moment by looking for new “real” job, finding a new house, moving to a totally new county away from friends and family, organising a wedding, getting married, and still trying to design and plan enough to get my etsy shop off the ground.
    My plan on moving is to organise my yarn stash and patterns; I firmly believe the new start in moving will help me get into the best headspace to get back on track!
    Helpful to see other people have similar stumbling blocks though.


    1. Good luck with your many changes. We all have stumbling blocks, but life is made up of the series of ups and downs- a constant shift. Some changes are simply weightier than others. Let me know when your Etsy is up. That’s one of my ling range goals too. πŸ™‚

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