Guilty of doing too much

I’ll put this in order, one way or another. 

Chalk paint to the rescue for my new to me revolving bookcase.

Organized most of my fabric stash, 

Finished taping the fourth or four patterns I tackled on last weekends getaway. (Taylor shorts, Brassie johgers, vintage Rucksack & Clover dress.)

Organized my yarn stash, knitting patterns, needles. This closet in my craft room is 80% organized. I have yet to tackle the fabric (mostly scraps & the naughty project file) in the underbed storage box and a trunk that has a lot of inherited scraps. I hang the traced/cut patterns and WIP’s. I roll taped PDF’s and have them up top and to the sides, but I wish I could find a better way to store them.

Current state of sewing desk with new patterns and random notions tucked in back. (Includes Burda 8756, Renfrew, Sumplicity 2369, Alberta Street Pencil skirt, Morris Blazer & Japanese patterns for a dress and culottes/capris.) 

The mess on my coffee table.

Parts of a quilt project that I need to pull together so I can redecorate our master bedroom.

And today, I have plenty on my to-do list, but I’ve wanted to share all of this. Looking at my stash and putting my fingers on it reminds me thar I have plenty of stuff and not enough time to do all the things I want to do. I’m guilty of adding more, with no firm plans on how to get rid of it. I have half finished projects and big dreams, but I struggle to follow through.

I’m making a mid-year pledge to stop this nonsense. I’m not going to buy any more fabric or yarn or patterns. I’m sure I can make do with what I have.


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