Shift the balance

Although both bowls appear empty, there is an absence of balance.

The inertia required to get anything off the ground carries a weight we can not see. For it is measured in the hours given to work, the plans that support the transition and the determination of the worthy soul charging endlessly forward. I’m quick to recognize the blessings of this work even though the scale seems ill-weighted for the time being.

Sewing makes me happy and there is only so much personal sewing I can accomplish. The repetition of making multiples of the same item in assembly line format truly satisfies my yearning for tangible results as so much of what I have done for real jobs leaves me with little to physically hold/claim. I like that I am finding a rhythm of working to the hum of my machines and the positive energy it builds in my spirit.
But while the scale tips to the side of work more, serve more, my inner summer child screams, “Play! Keep it for yourself.”  So the part of me that says, go ahead buy that new pattern and fabric wins, but also loses since my personal  sewing time is limited. It makes the #sewallthethings tag make perfect sense. I’m trying to work on one personal project at a time, and so choosing is difficult.

Luckily, I handed off another big order of yoga shorts for delivery to a studio yesterday and have only enough fabric on hand to make five more pairs. Say hello to some selfish sewing time until I reorder fabric and get numbers on the next studio orders! I’m also challenging myself to find uses for the scrap from the yoga shorts since it is a cozy cotton/lycra. My brainstorm includes: underwear, colorblocking panels, applique samples, and creative piecing as I design some modest yet feminine yoga tops/shorts.

I wish I had two of me: one to go to the real-world job and one to dedicate to getting my Lamplighter Stitch Co. off the ground. But as I can not split myself, I’ll work longer and with perseverance until that precious shift becomes possible. I’m thankful to finally recognize what I want to do, as the path feels easier now because the map is no longer obscured.

How do you balance your dreams and ambitions in the midst of the real-world grind? 


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