Duck, duck, goose! Or choosing a new fabric to sew

Looking back on what I’ve sewn since 2008 I’ve noticed a shift. Quilting cotton was a starter fabric. I didn’t know where to source anything so turned to ebay quite often and I began to teach myself by copying RTW. I wanted to use knit fabric, but didn’t know what to do.  Once the indie sewing world showed me the way, I’ve been on a kick of knit sewing for two years or longer. 

When I could find apparel fabric  goodies like suiting from NOLA, swim fabric, rayon, etc. I would be consumed by fear of messing up. Gradually I learned what different fabric thicknesses are suitable for in terms of sewing for, finishing techniques, opportunities to use different machine feet.

All this is to say I bought two fabrics I haven’t sewn with before and can’t wait to stitch them up! And continue to explore what works for my wardrobe, my body & the Texas summer swelter.

Charleston dress (jumping on that bandwagon) in Nicole Miller scuba.

And a stretch sateen or twill to make another Alberta Street, or something else? Ultimate trousers?

Also a challenge to myself to muslin. Keep sewing, keep learning.

Here’s to a new dress this week, somewhere between the real job, teaching yoga and sewing up orders for men’s yoga shorts.

Comment with how you learned to dive into using different fabrics?


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