Begin to finish

(Or keep the end in mind.) 

Confession: I added a third machine to my sewing desk. Its a coverstitch and I’m equally psyched and intimidated. Just this morning I finished the hem of a dress I made last summer before darting out the door for work in said dress.

Psyched because now I can make all the things and professionally finish them. This is good. This is very good.

Intimidated because now I must finish things. I am that lady, the one who wears handmades that are missing a finishing touch or two. Perhaps in my rush to sew with knits, I told myself it doesn’t matter because it can’t unravel or fray. Perhaps in my frenzy of knit sewing immersion (and subsequent unfinished projects) I just got lazy. So I am intimidated to bring my sewing chops back up to the level where I’m exhilerated to stay up late and follow all the pattern steps to produce an amazing new piece of clothing just for me.

Honestly, I miss that component in my sewing these days. I think I have too many half-finished things and in doing so created doubt that I can finish a garment from start to finish. The challenge I now present to myself is to finish these abandoned projects and complete a garment per week over the summer. (In addition to sewing orders for Lobo MPY shorts.)

The Lobo MPY shorts were the driving point behind my Memorial Day Sale splurge to buy the coverstitch. It feels good to collaborate on this venture with my yoga teacher. I have about 20 pairs to get out the door before a fabric reorder. But at my heart, I still want to be a selfish sewcialist. 

I need a return to sewing with woven fabrics and crisp stitches, but I also need to wrap up a Nettie, a Nautilus, a Lark and a Mississippi Ave top and Prefontaine shorts.

Wish me luck!


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