Good energy yields good things

Short & sweet. But a long time coming.

 I reached out to a local gift boutique about a year ago in the hopes we could collaborate on some jewelry pouches. She was interested, but my life was too hectic to pull it together. 

Fast forward to this April. The shop has begun selling other locally made goods like pottery & jewelry so I inquired to verfiy interest on the initial project. Happily she said the timing was good and would go for it. 

Mad dash of pattern improvement, buying supplies and sewing (even hand finishing), logo polishing and voila! With love in every stitch, they were complete.

I delivered the pouches this week complete with custom tags! I’m glowing! 

I already have another project going behind the scenes and look forward to further collaborations with this shop along with requests for other custom projects.

Cheers to long-awaited beginnings and dreams alive and floating in the world; also everlasting gratitude to those who take chances in support of bringing these to light!

Thank you for letting my light shine. May you shine your light wherever you go!

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