It’s not going anywhere, so breathe

Setting up and settling in.

I rush. I worry. 

Where should this go?

It will find its order slowly.
(Looking down on the chaos, where pieces haven’t fallen entirely into place.)

My family finds fun and I scurry thinking, “Now, NOW!”

After months of waiting, the magic wand and fairy dust to make it perfect come from my ardor. But I finally feel peaceful in a quiet moment sitting in the corner on a pile of homemade bolsters watching the pecan and elm limbs and leaves dance. 

Stop rushing. It will all come together magnificently, and not all at once. That is the rhythm of the process. It is the process of settling in and feeling the energy of the space I will create in.

southwest loft corner
(Cozy loft: writing space/yoga zone/Beachcombing collection)

Meanwhile, many promising things are afoot and my new space allows me to capture the presence I need to rock it. And that feels good. In fact, it feels damn good.


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