Until it is rote

My new creative space should be finished & ready within the next week. I’ve been waiting with the excited anxiety of a kid on Christmas morning. I’ve been so focused on the details of what is left to be finished and how long it will take to step back and appreciate the big picture of how marvelous living in this space will be. 

Primarily, that it will be the first time in nine years that I’ll have a space for me. My creativity thrives when there is space for it to breathe. I love my family, but a creative life helps me to love life and break away from the doldrums of the day-to-day mommy/worker routine. 


Progress shot from March 6th from NW corner looking SE.

As babies, kids eliminate guest rooms. Then as they get bigger they take over the living room. This left my husband to claim the bedroom since he enjoys watching movies. Due to our home layout there was no place to escape the sound of the tv. I listen to music, but can not handle the cacophony of a loud tv, and video games plus a stereo at the same time. I like the soft nighttime sounds of our ranch as a backdrop to my yoga practice but without the interruption of our pup crew licking my face or the felines using the mat as a scratching pad. 

  I moved a few things in before Easter, but can’t set up all the way.  The loft is all for me and right now I have my telescopes, spinning wheel & writing desk up there. The lower level will be the family creative/fun zone, so theres the couch against a wall with some storage boxes & miscellaneous items grouped around it. In the dark (electric is on the list of need to be finished ASAP) I walked carefully because I don’t know the space yet. It hasn’t become a livable part yet, but I look forward to learning the space. 

Progress shot from February 11 from NE corner looking SW.

Last night I had a rare interlude of soltiude while my family was at soccer practice. I began to appreciate the new space for how I would live in it.  I wrote for a bit outside on the deck. I sat on the floor of the loft and looked up at the stars. I did a few yoga poses. I contemplated how to keep these simple pleasures accessible when I setup my sewing space.  My heart brimmed with the possibilities and how they translate to creative opening.  I’m beyond eager to figure out the staging of both spaces. I’m ready to feel them by rote in the darkness, without clumsily skipping the single step down.


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