Turning points

Sunlight Shawl beginnings 

After three or four attempted cast ins and now two days in (only an hour or so each day.) This is my first time using fingering weight yarn. I fear this will take forever and am in no way confident that I’ll complete it by my trip next month. Just keep knitting….

Sea Wall socks at the start.

My goal is one diamond per day & it looks to have seven per sock. I do not have a sz 2 needle so didn’t jump up for the main sock body as the pattern instructs. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Aren’t they spiffy so far?

Cutest dog face ever.  

This is my new friend Brody. He’s the sunlight after two of my favorite cats disappeared a few weeks ago. I have wanted an Old English Sheepdog since I was a child. Yesterday was his first day with us. He’s eight months old and we need to train him. He makes me smile. Instant love. My husband is the best for making this happen. I really hadn’t been smiling since Thunderbird and Little Friend disappeared, but this guy brought the light back. 


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