It’s highly appropriate that I begin knitting “the Sunlight Shawl for Sad People,” as soon as I can, because I recently found out I’m in dire need of more sunshine. I’ve been out of sorts and recently found I’m severely lacking in vitamin D. So supplements and sunshine are in order – STAT!

I adore the name of the SSFSP, and it will be my first shawl. I just ordered some Bronotta Aerial colorway Golden Pear from  the Tinsmith’s Wife in the dear little town of Comfort, TX. I messaged them last night from an Instagram photo because it looks perfect & Wendy said its sure to be the perfect match-up for the shawl. I can’t wait! If I’m lucky it’ll show up tomorrow and I can cast on.

In other knitting, I have to wash my yarn (balsamic vinegar spots from its time as the 5th Avenue Infinity scarf) for the sleeves of my Lila.  I did find the Woolite, so if I wash it tonight, I can let it dry in the sun tomorrow & then get back to work. I need to finish it for my upcoming Oregon trip.

Speaking of travel knitting, I snagged some Moonrover Stalagmite on Wyld as a Valentines treat. I love her yarn! I need add to my sock collection. The hand knit socks I made last year are my favorite & the best thing I added to my wardrobe. I have a ball of Moonrover Botanist left from last year and will try the SeaWall pattern from TinCanKnits graciously gifted over their Holiday season of sharing. I’m aiming to WIP through all of my untried ravelry library. Which leaves me the Tenement socks for the Stalagmite.

Will these lofty goals come to light and help lighten my spirits? We shall see, but one fact remains it is far easier to knit outside than to sew outside. And life dictates that I catch some rays to increase the Vitamin D and banish the sluggishness felt by its absence.


2 thoughts on “D3 Deficient

  1. If it makes you feel better, EVERYONE is getting the D3 deficiency diagnosis right now. But who’s going to complain that the doctor ordered more sunshine? Plus, those sour lemon gummy vitamins at the health food store are DELICIOUS. 🙂


    1. I’m not complaining about Dr’s orders more sunshine. Just glad that it finally explained the dumpy mentality. It’s been a Zippity Doo Da kind of life lately so it didn’t make sense. Bodies are wonderfully mysterious sometimes.


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