A Sewing Safety Net 

This weekend I took the plunge and started a project that I had wanted to do for at least three years. I’ve been in a sewing funk while anxiously awaiting completion of my new sewing space, but barely hesitated to begin recovering a chair.  Now, to me it isn’t just a chair; it’s the chair I thoughtfully picked out to rock my babies in when I prepared to become a mother over eleven years ago: an upholstered Dutailer swivel rocker in a whimsical circus toile. 

Naturally, this moved from kids rooms long ago and has been well loved by humans and pets alike. But, cat scratching has ripped parts, it’s dirty in ways that can not be cleaned and the swivel rocker portion broke. My husband has been trying to get the “thing” out of our living room, but my claim that we need seating has won out.

So how did I finally find the bravery to attempt recovering it? I ordered a new chair the previous weekend and my fear of messing it up vanished.

We made a trip to JoAnn for fabric to make a gift and I found a small grey-blue herringbone in a polyvelvet that suited my fancy. So along with a tack remover and new staple gun I got to work after finishing the birthday sewing (Lane Raglan & fleece pillowcase).

Photo heavy deconstruction.  

(Over time the cats had pulled some of these metal teeth away and they wouldn’t lay flat any longer.)



And that was progress from Saturday afternoon into the evening. Yesterday, I cut out the new pieces and did my best to recall how to put it back together.


This is where I stopped because I couldn’t get those awful metal teeth to clamp back on the sides. It made it very easy to see that not only would nail head dress it up, it would be much less of a headache to tack things down again.

I have to figure out what I’m doing for the new & improved chair base as well, but first off to JoAnn’s for the nailhead trim. 

So far cost is: fabric $37.50 for 4 1/3 yds & $21.97 supplies.



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