Well we’re all one month in to 2016 and beginning to feel the rhythm of things.  I know that assessing progress can help to maintain momentum so here’s an update.

In January, I started a Nettie, a modified One-hour Top and continued knitting my Lila. One of my crafting goals for the year is to work on projects from start to finish, and I broadly let it encompass several categories to allow for multiple projects at a time.

 Looking at it from a successful perspective, I can say I chose to work on my Lila and have made good progress! I am close to finishing the neckline and starting the sleeves. Hooray! My only roadblock is washing my frogged yarn that has splotches if balsamic vinegar dotting it, letting it dry and then praying that one skein per sleeve is adequate. 

Looking at this goal from a “needs improvement” perspective, I did not finish anything because:

 (a) I wanted it now and rushed (I made a short sleeve version of the One-hour top in a “not-my-style over-sized zig-zag fabric but have not finished any of the edges. I will probably never wear it out of the house, so there is zero motivation to complete this task.) 

(b) I started projects when I did not have the time to do it in one sitting.  & (c) then I wanted to work on my fitting skills, but do not have the patience for it.

(My Nettie: cut one size, realized where I need to grade for shoulder & hip, stalled out because recutting knit is a giant P.I.T.A. and I’m not sure how to make sleeves match if I grade the armsyce.)

(d) I only want to see when my new sewing space is finished and things will be just the way I want.

So, I’ve stuck to my plans just not in the get stuff done way I had hoped. 


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