For as long as I’ve planned my new and improved sewing space, I’ve pictured my sewing desk going here, just to the right of the window.*

I’ve diagramed the room on graph paper. I’ve made scale sized rectangles to represent my various sewing furniture. I just can’t seem to find a flow that makes sense, which is a new obstacle for me. 

I’ve been scratching my head on this one for weeks. My husband insists that its a case of trying to put the cart before the horse and that I should just wait until everything is finished before I make myself crazy. “You’ll figure it out, just wait.” 

And the thing is, I know that he’s right. I’m just impatient. I have hardly sewn anything because My mind jumps from “what do I need to do right now to finish x?” to “when my space is finished I won’t have to unpile my desk before I get started. I won’t have to move my WIP from the dining table before dinner.”

So I stall in the hopes that stalling will help the construction process speed up or that being in the new space will be like Ganesh removing these sewing obstacles. When in reality, just like having writer’s block, I am the obstacle. My own proven stumbling block. Stalling in my own creativity out of fear that I will mess something up.

A far cry from my post on turning to my available resources and educating myself about new techniques. Well, guess what? I’m kicking “fear of messing up,” out. No sir, that will not be welcome in my new sewing space. 
*(And the unsightly A/C will be disguised by tall ornamental grasses or a decorative fence or something, so I’m told.)


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