2016 Stashbusting Pledge

I haven’t counted yardage in or out for 2015, but I know that I purchased a fair amount of fabric that remains unused. Most has a plan tied to it, but there are some one yard double-gauze cuts I bought at QuiltCon last February & Arizona knits from ClothPocket which may have been an impulse buys.

On to the business at hand, my two big goals are:

 1.working on one project at a time from start to finish. I’ve broken it down into categories to allow for some freedom: 


quilt (still behind from 2015), 

small/quick random makes, 



2. Secondly no buying for six months. I know I will need to make exceptions for necessities to complete projects like batting, thread and hardware. I feel like I can make a pattern allowance in this because I want to try sewing jeans and most years I scoop up any limited time offer pattern bundles to build my pattern stash. Limiting my buys will also allow me to get settled/organized into my new sewing digs and working with it for a few months before I commit to decor so that any purchases are truly functional. 

At this point we’re two weeks into the year and I’m sticking to my plan. I notice when I’m tempted by an email to start browsing at fabric and consciously make the effort to stop, redirecting my attention to WIP’s. Slowing down is good for me so that I can give one project my full attention, like my Nettie draped over my sewing machine, I need to fit the body to a smaller size in the arm and hip, lower the front neckline and then cut the sleeves and finish it up. Maybe I will wrap that up tonight, unless knitting wins again. 

Currently knitting Carrie Bostick Hoge’s Lila in Road to China light. 


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