Under Construction

Today is one of those beautifully sunshiney, breezy, cool country days that reminds me of summer in Alaska. I should spend the day outside, no excuses.  Its my day to be me. All the other days are claimed by responsibility and Saturday is the last stake of freedom.

Except that my family is still asleep, so to be free also means being quiet, at least until construction is finished.  I want to be writing up there and gazing out to the south in my sun filled loft.  I want to sit outside on the deck with my coffee and paint while listening to City and Color.

Not yet, for I must be patient.  And this weekend that is especially challenging because entry to the addition is sealed to keep our pets out of the insulation. The back patio is the staging area for lumber and the roses are blooming. And the front porch is also home to equipment and disarray.

My creative spaces are all Under Construction. I can not wait! Create anyway.  So I’ll work on my Nettie, and then want to buy high waist black jeans and boots to make the outfit.  Except I have my “no buying” pledge.” And I was going to take the kids to the zoo, but my son has Strep. It’s a day to create and to dream and to be outside. Take the Enos to the woods and my watercolors and the kids and the dogs and breathe cool air.

(Eno setup at the hideout last weekend.)


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