For as long as I’ve planned my new and improved sewing space, I’ve pictured my sewing desk going here, just to the right of the window.*

I’ve diagramed the room on graph paper. I’ve made scale sized rectangles to represent my various sewing furniture. I just can’t seem to find a flow that makes sense, which is a new obstacle for me. 

I’ve been scratching my head on this one for weeks. My husband insists that its a case of trying to put the cart before the horse and that I should just wait until everything is finished before I make myself crazy. “You’ll figure it out, just wait.” 

And the thing is, I know that he’s right. I’m just impatient. I have hardly sewn anything because My mind jumps from “what do I need to do right now to finish x?” to “when my space is finished I won’t have to unpile my desk before I get started. I won’t have to move my WIP from the dining table before dinner.”

So I stall in the hopes that stalling will help the construction process speed up or that being in the new space will be like Ganesh removing these sewing obstacles. When in reality, just like having writer’s block, I am the obstacle. My own proven stumbling block. Stalling in my own creativity out of fear that I will mess something up.

A far cry from my post on turning to my available resources and educating myself about new techniques. Well, guess what? I’m kicking “fear of messing up,” out. No sir, that will not be welcome in my new sewing space. 
*(And the unsightly A/C will be disguised by tall ornamental grasses or a decorative fence or something, so I’m told.)


2016 Stashbusting Pledge

I haven’t counted yardage in or out for 2015, but I know that I purchased a fair amount of fabric that remains unused. Most has a plan tied to it, but there are some one yard double-gauze cuts I bought at QuiltCon last February & Arizona knits from ClothPocket which may have been an impulse buys.

On to the business at hand, my two big goals are:

 1.working on one project at a time from start to finish. I’ve broken it down into categories to allow for some freedom: 


quilt (still behind from 2015), 

small/quick random makes, 



2. Secondly no buying for six months. I know I will need to make exceptions for necessities to complete projects like batting, thread and hardware. I feel like I can make a pattern allowance in this because I want to try sewing jeans and most years I scoop up any limited time offer pattern bundles to build my pattern stash. Limiting my buys will also allow me to get settled/organized into my new sewing digs and working with it for a few months before I commit to decor so that any purchases are truly functional. 

At this point we’re two weeks into the year and I’m sticking to my plan. I notice when I’m tempted by an email to start browsing at fabric and consciously make the effort to stop, redirecting my attention to WIP’s. Slowing down is good for me so that I can give one project my full attention, like my Nettie draped over my sewing machine, I need to fit the body to a smaller size in the arm and hip, lower the front neckline and then cut the sleeves and finish it up. Maybe I will wrap that up tonight, unless knitting wins again. 

Currently knitting Carrie Bostick Hoge’s Lila in Road to China light. 

Under Construction

Today is one of those beautifully sunshiney, breezy, cool country days that reminds me of summer in Alaska. I should spend the day outside, no excuses.  Its my day to be me. All the other days are claimed by responsibility and Saturday is the last stake of freedom.

Except that my family is still asleep, so to be free also means being quiet, at least until construction is finished.  I want to be writing up there and gazing out to the south in my sun filled loft.  I want to sit outside on the deck with my coffee and paint while listening to City and Color.

Not yet, for I must be patient.  And this weekend that is especially challenging because entry to the addition is sealed to keep our pets out of the insulation. The back patio is the staging area for lumber and the roses are blooming. And the front porch is also home to equipment and disarray.

My creative spaces are all Under Construction. I can not wait! Create anyway.  So I’ll work on my Nettie, and then want to buy high waist black jeans and boots to make the outfit.  Except I have my “no buying” pledge.” And I was going to take the kids to the zoo, but my son has Strep. It’s a day to create and to dream and to be outside. Take the Enos to the woods and my watercolors and the kids and the dogs and breathe cool air.

(Eno setup at the hideout last weekend.)

Living with Intention v.2016

These posts are flooding the feeds and why should I be left out?  I actually wrote out my short list the old fashioned way:

 These intentions apply to all areas of what I do with my time, whether sewing or cooking, yoga and exercise, being a parent, a friend and employee.  In 2015, I repeatedly said how much technology has shifted the world away from some values that I think best not forgotten, like the value in talking to people or trusting in the resources at hand (looking to a YouTube video rather than the instruction manual right beside you).  I’m certainly not condemning technology, but for me I see where despite the connectivity it provides that I can remain isolated if I don’t adapt, but that I’ll be a step ahead if I remember how to do some things the old fashioned way, too.

Less Distraction

So to apply my resolutions to sewing and other creative endeavors simply means that I always proceed with these intentions at hand.  A friend of mine said that she’s scared of her serger, but wishes she knew what to do.  My response was to take a deep breath, pull out the instruction manual and take it slow. “Treat it like yoga!” she thought it was genius.  Essentially, yes.  When I hit something I don’t understand or where I want to learn more, I’m going to choose the right resources right away instead of squandering my precious time in the distraction zone. For me to turn to the web either less often or with time limit and a specific goal.

More Discipline

To expand on the technology gets in the way mindset I hinted at, I’ve gotten lazy.  I see the abundance of what’s out there and get in the “I’m only a drop in the bucket” mentality that what I do is insignificant so why bother.  It’s an opt out to stay lazy. To talk about things, and make plans and fail to put the plans in action and to live them out and open the door to exponential growth, but also potential failure. It’s also a laziness that pervades by letting other things/agendas become more important than my own.  Being a passenger instead of a pilot.  If anything is to come from my creative side,  I’m the one to make it happen with the gifts and the vision God gave me. I won’t be taking the easy road, and I’ll have to get comfortable with pushing myself to take my projects to the next level – either in sewing or in fitness or showing value.

“Love yourself enough to take care of yourself.”

I’ve fallen into the bad habit of fast forward self-care. Its embarrassing to admit how little time I look in the mirror before leaving the house (on school days or anytime there is a rush, really).  I prioritize sleep and making coffee, getting the kids lunches and petting the outdoor cats over make-up, coiffed hair and confident outfits.  (Insert image of crazy cat lady, right?)  I’ve trapped myself in a pattern of behavior that reinforces the scarcity of time: there isn’t enough time to make a better morning routine and things get skipped or diminished. I am worth taking care of and I will make small changes to accept the abundance of time (if I plan for it) to make self-care as important as the mad rush to get out of the house on time.

Practice Gratitude

The past few months I’ve had an internal discussion about how people show others that they are valued and how feeling valued makes a huge difference in the world.  Remembering this intention through all interactions is one small way to influence the world around me into a better place.