Holiday stitches

I held off on this post in the hope of a better photo turning up, but my family isn’t interested in taking anything more than a quick snapshot.

Alberta Street Pencil skirt 

Sutton blouse (fabric from an Anthropology jumpsuit that I bought on clearance to repurpose because I love that plaid! But I am thankful I’ll never have to sew with its fraying edges again.)

 *disclaimer: photos for illustration only, not photographic integrity.*
  The mother/daughter, “Look at my cute outfit pose.”

  This is blurry because my son took it, but it’s one of the only pictures to show the entire head to toe look. (Shoes are from my high school choir trip to Italy. Son said, “Those look 20 years old!” Little did he know…

Seriously. These photos capture the hectic moment of “let’s get a few nice shots before leaving for Christmas Eve service.”  

Other pre Christmas sewing included a Lane Raglan and two One Hour Tops for my daughter all from cotton rayon jersey, and also a One Hour top from a po team knit for me. I’ll admit that while it isn’t a flattering silhouette, the comfort level (and the loose fit to cover problem areas) makes it a huge win. My go-to weekend attire lately.

In other news, I finally joined Club Serge yesterday with a new-to-me Brother 3034D. 

The Craigslist seller said she used it to run some test stitches and then life picked up speed and no time for sewing. It took me less than an hour to thread it and run my own test stitches. I’m pleased as punch, but still awaiting my new sewing room. Construction is underway, but there’s no firm completion date. 

I have three more days of 2015 to complete my primary sewing goal of an ultimate handbag. A goal that got lost in the shuffle, but as my daughter said, “You had better get to work!” And so I shall.


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