Doing the opposite

I blog about things in progress, rather than the finished goods. I guess that’s the opposite of what everyone else does. I simply get excited about the making. 

I’m working on the Alberta Street pencil skirt right now. It shouldn’t take me as long as it is, but I slowed down to work on being more precise. <gasp!> As it happens, this is the opposite of my usual sewing behavior. I used the seam ruler for every seam. Pressed as per the directions, every single time. I cast off my, “approximate is good enough” demeanor for once. One small snag, when I finally got to stitch the side seams and try it on, it looks awful! Disappointment, relief and more work. 

Disappointment because the fit is not good. Too loose across the front and sides – not anything like a form fitting pencil skirt. I cut the pattern by choosing my waist size. It’s my biggest problem area. I think I’m an apple or a spoon, more like a spare tire with regular proportions everywhere else. I should have graded down in the hips & skirt body because let’s just say if I had thunder thighs and a ham in back I bet it would be perfect. I don’t. (That is part of the relief.)

Relief also comes from knowing I can work with this and learn something if I can stay focused and uninterrupted. (Last night sewing took place from 10pm-12:30am.) The waist feels good, but maybe too good. Since the fabric has some stretch, maybe it could be more snug. My choice is to leave that as is, but work at taking in the sides starting at the hip and moving down. I was able to pinch in about an inch from the hip area! That  translates to 4″, doesn’t it?Experiment in fit coming up tonight.

The promise of an amazing skirt is within my reach. Truthfully this is my muslin because I only used about a yard of the gold foil stretch denim I bought at Joanns over the weekend (I can’t find it online.) I still have about two yards left and a 1 7/8 yds of teal corduroy also intended for an Alberta Street. So achieving a good fit is my mission. 


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