When it’s worth it

What do you do when you LOVE Indian cuisine, but you live too far from any place to enjoy it often? Well, you dabble around on Pinterest, find recipes, assemble the ingredients and pray for the best.

As luck would have it, my mental pantry inventory cued me in to which recipes might be realistic and last night I pulled it off in a BIG way. My culinary expert husband (not by ego, but by Le Cordon Bleu training) exclaimed, “This is better than the Indian food you go pick up! I would eat this once a week.” So of course I was pleased. 

I followed these recipes:

Daal Nirvana – no modifications. Truly nirvana. 

Curried Chickpeas – no modifications, very easy. 

Lamb Kofta – main modification was that I did not have ground lamb or store purchased lamb mince to form meatballs or dessicated coconut. What I did instead was pan sear lamb shoulder steak to medium rare with diced onion, chop it up, set aside. Then I roasted the fennel seeds and combined the meatball seasonings (minus the green chiles b/c we didn’t have any) as per the directions and then tossed the meat in with it for 1-2 min to combine. Set all of that aside in a bowl. 

Then I followed the instructions for the curry, added 2 cans of drained mild Rotel w/ green chiles to combine with the curry. Allowed that to become fragrant before adding the lamb mix back in to simmer with it for 8-10 min.

I served it all with basmati rice, chopped cilantro and lime wedges.

It was well worth the 1.5-2hrs I spent preparing it. Yum. 

Naan would have been a welcome addition to the meal. I even tried to make some using this recipe, but faced a few limitations. I only had 1 cup of all-purpose flour, so I used an additional cup of cake flour and 1.25 cups whole wheat flour. After letting it rise as directed the dough was too sticky to stretch into naan like shapes. Instead of throwing in the towel, I just placed the sticky, peach sized dough blobs onto a baking sheet at 350 for 15-20 minutes. Those complemented the daal and weren’t naan, but did the trick.

Do you have any epic cooking successes after being intimidated by  a recipe or cuisine?


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