Easing into the flow

I almost lost my cool last night. 

The two most important elements were driving me: intention and momentum. Obviously the house was quiet and free from distraction. I sat down with some music and carefully pinned in the sleeves, stitched them in and then the sides. Renfrew in a light knit jersey. I was this close to the finish line. The cowl would be an obstacle because I did not add the extra to it, as I did the shirt front and back. It’s halfway pinned….

But, nothing lasts forever! The fam returned and the usual din of tv, video games and childhood disagreement along with it. How do you keep the flow in your sewing amidst family chaos? I think I need a sign that says, “Double  check now or seam rip later.”

I lost my concentration and sewed the cowl on with the seam out. At the moment I realized it, I was pretty sure my night would include more seam ripping than sewing. Luckily, it turned into a productive evening.

I finished the Sutton.

Made two versions of Renfrew.

 And look at my pattern matching! It’s fantastic all around, sleeves included!



This was actually my first make last Saturday. It was windy and I wanted to make something that fit the weather. I pulled out my Bobeau card I copy from the summer and lengthened the body and sleeves.
The back is pretty full, so I’m going to add a detail band to pull some of it together, if only I knew what it’s called. I also want to add some detail to the sleeve cuff & maybe a toggle or two in front. It’s pretty bland, but better to wear than remain stash! What do you do to dress up a dull garment made on the fly? 

Unmentioned is my first take at the Lark tee. I whipped it up Friday from a double-knit originally bought for my daughter and think it’s really only suitable for pjs. It was the muslin, but I think there’s a fit issue. Will address that later this week. Maybe, hopefully.


4 thoughts on “Easing into the flow

  1. What a productive time! Your makes all look as though they will go into regular rotation and they are all terrific. I’m not sure I would touch the grey cardi. I quite like a simple and bland cover up, but that’s just me!


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