Maybe, a sweater or is it a knit top?

Back in January I started knitting a random number of stitches just to use some stash yarn that I was not wild about. I didn’t have a specific outcome in mind so began in basic stockinet the first few rounds before moving into the pattern from Fifth Avenue Infinity Scarf from TenTenKnits. I love that pattern.

Lucky for me a friend loved the colors of the yarn and claimed the work in progress. Many moons later and with two and a half leftover skeins here it is. 

The pattern is complete improv. I tried it on just to make sure it worked before binding off the neck and the arm hole is tight. However my friend is at least a few sizes smaller than I am, so it should work for her. As I knitted the intended fit I saw was a slight shoulder hugging boat neck rather than the square look pictured, hopefully that will translate. 

Now to determine what to do with the remaining two and a half skeins…possibly these leg warmers?

Do you have any favorite patterns to use up this scant remainder and complement the gift?


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