Chunk two for #bpsewvember

I’m still not up to speed with #bpsewvember on IG, so here’s another grouped installment.

Day 6: Slow or fast?

Slow, but not by choice. And unfortunately for me, slow does not mean obsessive attention to detail either. But when I have a project ready to go I work fast, until I’m interrupted by the kids or have to clear my sewing from the dining table or put it up to protect it from pets.
Day 7: Stash   

This is my recently organized stash. I still have two old trunks, an under bed storage bin and a basket cubby organizer too, but I like where this is headed.

Day 8: Why sew?

Mostly I sew to feel better. I’m happier when I create tangible things to enjoy. Sewing gives me something to focus on and lose myself in. Plus, I really like wearing unique things. 
Day 9: Game changer

Sewing blogs have taught me so much. When I started sewing in 2009, I seriously winged it. I could follow a Big 4 pattern for my kids, thanks to the distant memory of 7th grade HomeEc. I scooped up the Heather Ross book of Weekend Sewing and a few others, but namely took risks copying RTW that I liked and did an ok job. 

When I started following sewing bloggers it helped me to identify the wealth of resources I could use to improve my skills. It also showed me that I wasn’t alone in this journey of making. Out where I live its been like a needle in a haystack to find friends to see with, so I love the community & insight I have gained from the online sewing community.

Day 10: View

Look at this mess! I will be so thankful for my improved sewing space, whenever it comes together.


Day 11: Tools

Hmmm. Sharp needles, scissors, seam ripper and rotary blades are my favorites. Sharp ones make projects so much easier.

Day 12: Community

I need this online sewing community. As I shared in my game-changer, it’s been an amazing resource for me. I’m still learning how to connect with others here and feel like I have something to offer to belong to the club of cool online sewists. 

Until the next round…


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