Phew: crossing items off the list

Saturday wins:

Motivation to seam rip the dress that wasn’t working. Ironed the fabric, folded it carefully and envision it as two separate pieces, eventually. For now it’s just fabric not an unfinished WIP.

Cool wind inspiring me to attach the button band to Maude, complete with Iris buttons that my mum says she stashed when I was a baby or earlier.

Pairing the Maude with the Camas and rather liking it. (My kiddos are the photographers….need to work on this.)


Water colors of spruce trees and the moon.


The clog in the grey water drain that backed up into the house & now (kinda counting as a win) temporarily prevents us from laundry and dishes.

Quilt pieces moved from one table to another. Not a thing was stitched.

High hopes for the few unclaimed hours I can direct tomorrow. Flipping a coin: baking muffins/quilt or the final details on this skirt.


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