I have nine outstanding projects in various stages of disarray to conquer (I mean complete) before I can do anything new. This was what I told myself yesterday before reevaluating the status of my quilt. I quickly figured out what my next steps were and that it was best not to do anything until I was home with my machine and could actually do something.

But, I had lugged some Alison Glass fabric with me. And I remembered something that a local quilter replied to an IG comment after returning from Quilt Market. 

Curious IGer: “…Did it hurt a little when you cut into it?”

@gina_pina “I love to use fabric that is new/ reorder-able because you can always buy more if you mess up or need more…”

With this in mind and taking a baby step I pulled out the Alison Glass scrap bag, stacked similar sizes and cut some 3″ squares. There is an HST block recurrently showing in my IG feed #FFNewYorkQuilt and I could try my hand at one of those.

So even though my big plan was to attach the button band to my Maude, I pulled the quilt stuff out instead. I thoughtfully set out some triangles and considered the best combinations. I sewed a little, and cut other squares, and squares into triangles. My iron also reminded me  to trust in pressing when looking for precision.


I inevitably need more of the solid. It’s the negative space from AG Handcrafted colorway Petal in charcoal. There is no similar solid color in my stash, so it’s either head to Austin or order online. Or order online from Austin and maybe (fingers crossed) get it tomorrow?

So detours. What sewing detour have you taken lately?


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