Project headaches + Rearranging

I wish I could say that I’ve finished something. All I can muster are pictures of the same projects, seemingly in unchanged states. But hope is on the horizon as you can see by the small to-do list of finishing tasks.

Update on Maude or Grandpa Maude as I’ve titled it on my Ravelry. 

My sleeves knitted up like a dream. I tackled my first raglan sleeve joining and yoke without snarls. The button band was a different story. I tried to pick up stitches and even did a whole round of knitting after I picked them up, but there was this unattractive gap. So in my wisdom, or folly I might argue at this point, I decided to rip off the button band and knit it separately. Now I have a very pleasant looking button band and I am not certain of the best way to attach it. So I am stalled out. Any advice you can offer (or sympathy, for that matter) is totally welcome.

Now as it seems buttons are NOT my friend I’ll fill you in on the problem with my Camas. (Tell me to stop lamenting about this and make a stinking muslin next time!) I finally conquered the placket and took a weeklong breather. Only to wait a week happily thinking the rest will be easy. 

Buttonholes, done. Buttons, not so fast! I added some cheap plastic buttons from stash that match, but I have the placement all wrong!  If I match up the bottom of the shirt fronts, when I attach the buttons I get weird gaping on the top right chest. So, then I took the opposite approach of pinning the top to eliminate the gaping, followed by pinning the bottom to see where that sits. This method leaves the bottom fronts off by 1/2″. Ugh!

So, now a lightbulb goes off because I had a similar issue with my Archer. I checked the length of the side seams to see if my pattern pieces were off, but they match. So I can only assume one of my shoulders dips and creates this awkward fit issue? Does this sound crazy to anyone? 

I guess I’ll just modify the fronts to match AFTER I’m 100% confident the gaping issue is solved by the adjusted button placement. Then I can safely hem the bottom edge with some seam tape for help and add green contrast narrow cuffs to the sleeves.

End headache. Begin Rearrange.

Seeing all my sewing stuff cozy in a line can only mean one thing. Construction begins soon! Our family creative space/my sewing room/guest room will be a reality instead of a daydream. 

I am so thankful for this transition!


3 thoughts on “Project headaches + Rearranging

  1. The thing about your shoulders doesn’t sound crazy – it’s very common! It could be due to genetics, years of carrying carrying a heavy bag, posture, bad shoes – literally any reason! If you can pick up a copy, ‘Fit for real people’ has has a really good guide for analysis body shape and areas where you might to make adjustments. Don’t worry, everyone’s a little bit wonky! Hope it helps šŸ™‚


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