Late to the BP Sewvember party….

Since I follow many sewists on blog/IG and keep seeing their #bpsewvember posts, I am going to force myself out of the corner & participate. Albeit a few days late.

Day 1. Three Facts:

1.  I don’t have any budding sewing friendships, because I’m not sure how the whole blog sewist friends thing works. (Surely it’s commenting and the like, but half the time I will start to write something, then delete it.)

2.  I’ve made outfits for my daughter from pictures she’s drawn.

3. I have way too many animals. Seriously, just ask about my collection of orange cats!

Day 2. 

Complementary fabrics. I have a good eye for picking choices for quilts and clothes, at least according to friends I’ve gifted items to. 
Day 3. Inside:

Linings are fun! I used to be guilty of certain RTW because I liked the linings. I haven’t sewn clothes with a lining (because I’m a giant chicken or just haven’t tried that yet) but for bags I am always excited about the inside. Squee! I love those Charley Harper ladybugs!

Day 4. Inspiration:

Daydreaming of beach days and perfect weather. A climate that lets me have wider options to express my sewing/knitting likes.

Day 5. WiP refer to today’s earlier blog post. 

Tomorrow I’ll check in with this and continue with the #bpsrwvember fun on the IG


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