I’ve documented my knitting WIP’s before, [Maude: hiding in the large sheep project bag; Improv gift sweater: stalled as I determine pattern; Wrist Warmers:began pre-magic loop] but my completed pile includes only socks and one top, Togue Pond.

I began my first pair of socks in the April or May and have since completed  four pairs, and am working on the fifth. Funny that Texas is not an ideal place to have an affinity for wool socks. What’s a gal to do?

The joy of sock knitting, IMHO, is the portability, repeatability and forgiveness. Seriously, if I make a mistake on a sock does it even matter? It’s unlikely to ruin the knitting. And I mainly have time to knit while my kids are at their activities. I make progress on something I want to do while they enjoy what they want to do. Win-win! I am happiest when I fulfill my creative side, so knit on!


I may have enough sock yarn from my Moonrover splurges to make two more pairs including what I have on the needles right now. Then I will have to figure out where in the merging decreases/increases/sleeves I left off on Maude. Or I will figure out where my improv gift-sweater pattern goes next. Or I will make a hat from the lovely handspan skein a darling friend gifted to me.

Oh, the endless lists! Finish things before beginning new things.

Is your pile of projects out of hand too? Do you lose sleep to tackle your knitting or just haphazardly begin on a whim?


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