Quick weekend projects (7/18)

I am always thankful when a project comes together quickly. Especially when I am short on time and have a specific goal in mind. I was lucky enough that the sewing gods were smiling upon me this weekend as I whipped up a few things before vacation.

I had a large floral print in my Girl Charlee Knit Fix a few months ago that I wasn’t sure about. I like the colors, but the large print isn’t something I would normally pick for myself. I saw a wrap dress that another sewist madr from the same print and decided to follow suit. Even though someone sent me a pattern, I took the quick approach of copying an RTW from my closet. 

I am pleased that I didn’t have any isseie with this. There are a two minor tweaks I would make on the neckline if I make it again, but other than that easy-peasy. I used the fusible seam tape for the first time and will never go without it again. 

Last night I pulled out random scraps for the make-up brush roll from Sew for Home. I had pieces that were spot on for size and coordinated to my liking. 

I may try to do a quick travel jewelry pouch tonight. As that is the other hole in my travel accessories. 

I also made a quick project bag for my travel knitting.

Hooray for vacations & happy homemade things to enjoy.

What are some pre-travel sewing success stories of yours?