Spinning: It takes practice

Flashback: Imagine a teen girl with a love of wool sweaters driving through Italy seeing green hillsides flecked with sheep. She declares, “I could raise sheep and have all the wool I’d ever dream of!”

Spring to two years ago: Imagine woman now lives in Texas and finally learned to knit. With a few years of skill, mostly scarves, under her belt she passes a yard sale with a spinning wheel on the lawn. Screech! Pull over, ask cost. Only $35. SOLD! Minor repairs required.

Last November: Woman finally seeks expert for assistance. Applies lesson, tunes up wheel and attempts first go at spinning. Fills bobbin with poorly spun, inconsistent cheviot. Walks away.

Last Night: Woman has friend with kids visit. Curious eight year old boy wants to know how Spinning Wheel works. Woman empties bobbin (only one she has) of previous spinning attempt, gets cheviot fleece and begins attempt number two. Boy loses interest, spinning still inconsistent and woman says it takes practice.
Moral: Woman needs to practice spinning before woman can proceed with any other elements of Teen-girl declaration. Specifically, and in this order:

 1. Learn to spin useable yarn from purchased fleece, 

2. Learn to process shorn sheep fleece to make useable spinning fleece

3. Adopt a lamb and learn how to care for prime fleece making

4. All together now! x (sheep = fleece = spinning = sustainable yarn supply)

5. Dream into reality takes a long winding path and many stages if work. 


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