The lucky

Last night, I had the lucky. I opened the door to a surprise gift “to help with my piles.” It was one of those Hobby Lobby storage shelves with woven basket bins in two sizes. The kind of thing that I would look at, but not buy for myself. One basket is the perfect size for small precuts and the larger for yardage sized pieces. I had the lucky.

Of course, I got straight to it. I pulled out a big plastic box and sorted out fabric of various sizes, scraps and forgotten projects. Then I opened a trunk and an under the bed tote trying to sort things quickly, without thinking too much about how I was doing it. Soon I felt overwhelmed by all of this fabric, so I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of chocolate. Again and again, maybe sighing as I looked at the task at hand and one piece at a time.

When the first large bin was empty, I moved into another clutter zone, our narrow office that would be a good sewing space if the built-ins were removed. Enter stage two of feeling overwhelmed: moving stuff that you aren’t sure why you’re keeping, so you shuffle it from here to there to here again. That’s when the lucky reminded me of its presence.  My hub walked in, saw that I was distrought and said, “We’ll figure this out. You’ll get your sewing & yoga space.” 

Then we talked about what we could do. I kept on with my declutter and felt better. It won’t happen overnight, but the lucky reminded me of its presence. Hope on the horizon for a space that I can spread out in and better organize my projects. A space where I can have natural light and do yoga without hearing the tv. A place where a guest could rest their head for the night without waking up and stepping on legos. A space I have dreamed of making and creating to nurture my creative and making endeavors.

The lucky. The blessed. The reminder not to worry and keep working towards my goal. Thank you God, the universe and everything for the sign I needed, when I needed it.


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