Oh be joyful!

I’ve delighted in knitting lately. Mostly socks (Prairie Spring & currently Rose City Rollers) and an overdue winter cardigan (Maude) because they are portable and don’t require set-up. I’ll admit that knitting with wool in Texas in the summer doesn’t make sense. But I make steady progress and don’t have to do much except find my place in the pattern.

Last night I whipped up a bag to complement my portable projects. I bought the fabric at the Modern quilting convention this February for this exact purpose. I did not use a pattern, just set out the fabric, decided on the proportions and how much of a boxed corner I wanted and stitched it up. I have plenty of fabric left from the half yard cuts to sew a fabric basket and coordinating smaller project bags. 

I love how the sheep and the clouds come together! And my very favorite Urchin print from Cloud9 fits in perfectly as the lining. I have the neutral/gold colorway of the sheep as well. I think I’ll flip the combination so the clouds are above the sheep and sew smaller bags without the boxed corners on top. 

Its nice to do a quick, self-indulgent and fun project to put the joy back in my day. This is actually too big, in theory, but completely perfect to hold all of the extra skeins and the bulk of a sweater WIP. 

As you can tell I did not think about stabilizing it until after the fact, but I have a plan! I have lots of plastic grid pieces that I can make a basket shape with and can easily sneak in through the inside bottom seam. I fit a piece to the bottom last night to hold the shape and I think, although unconventional, it will do the trick.

Do you experiment with your smaller projects? Or am I the only one who sets out with a vague plan and hopes for the best?


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