Sew-jo? Oh, sew-jo? Oh where did you go?

When the busy keeps me running, there isn’t much sew-jo left when I can finally sit at my machine. Even though I had a second table set up so I wouldn’t have to tuck my projects away, I was lacking momentum to finish anything. It started to get me down, so I turned on some Frazey Ford and some assembly line sewing to finally crank out the yoga bolsters I planned in February. I found the joy in the moment and the lightness in my heart that I was missing as I made imperfect progress sewing on zippers to six cushion covers.

This project began in response to a challenge to use the oldest fabric in my stash from February’s Stashbusting theme. While sewing the contrasted panels together for the bidy rectangle came easy, progress ceased as I dreaded the zippers. I researched a new to me technique and once I applied myself to just getting it done, it was really easy.

I finished six yoga bolster pillows and used up the remaining Crate & Barrel panel fabric that I bought when I started sewing almost 7 years ago. They will be a welcome addition to my yoga space. I stuffed them with old t-shirts, plastic bags, fabric scraps and batting. I know a few pillows could be more firm, but I ran out of stuffing supplies. I am relieved and happy to (almost) cross this off the list. These use the red, sadly I found a smaller stack of prepared panels in the cream colorway that will make an additional 2-3 bolsters.

On a related note, in the midst of boxing corners on the bolsters, my best-ever handbag idea continued to manifest. I did some sketches and planning. Welcome back Sew-jo. Welcome back. It turns out all I needed was time to specificly focus on the task at hand. Take that one in the gut modern world of endless distraction!

How do you overcome the busy to find yourself satisfied by your sewing? What tricks help ease you into a rhythm where you can deliberately tackle a project and resist multitasking?

Cheerio sewists!


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