Helium & chattering teeth

I hear the noise
of a generation
questioning its ability
derailing its confidence
but fighting back

to say:
“Mind chatter-
inner voices,
you are silenced today!”

A revolution
of belief in one’s self
quite unique
but another number
another choice
in this world
in the sea of individuality
we often share
many interests
many talents
many goals

But the action
we take to pursue
our personal dreams
the effort we take
to make them true
That journey
is one
no one can compare
our perceptions
or their’s
makes no matter

that delicate
and demanding

doesn’t duplicate

So honor it
hold that one fact
to the flame of your heart
& like helium
Lift your perception
for the bird’s eye view
of what you accomplish
of how you achieve


My response to the SeamstressErin post titled “I am (not) an imposter.”


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