Stash or collection?

This morning there was a discussion in the Stashbusting group about the pursuit of stashbuilding as a creative vs. a consumer hobby.  My stash is quite small and non-specific, but I have seen this theme pop up now in various applications. In a nutshell:

Does a purchase now guarantee time soon spent creating?

Does this gratification help build creative evergy or does the backlog of projects drain my energy?

Am I happier biting off only as much as I can handle or does the smorgusboard of possibility cause me to start too much and finish very little?

These questions lead me back to a paralell with my yoga practice.  Playing with boundaries to learn more about the preferences that serve me best. Slowing down enough to recognize the root of the habit in the midst of making the decision. In this case, choosing which definition of ‘collection’ fits.


1. The act or process of collecting

2. A group of objects or works to be seen, studied or kept together

3. A line of products produced for one season, as those developed by a designer

4. An accumulation; a deposit
This collection is an ongoing accumulation. A deposit of rocks picked up all around and placed to admire or study later.

It happens when I see a stone that interests me. But it has no cost. My fabric collection (stash) gets built in much the same way, but with the cost involved I have to be more discerning.

It’s almost as if applying the No. 3 definition becomes necessary as I see projects online and new fabric lines so that question No. 2 doesn’t get answered with energy drain. 

One tactic that I’m applying reminds me of “the debt snowball.” I made this list :

To help me hone my attention and wrap up some if the loose ends from answering question No. 3 with start everything, finush nothing. My theory is that with each small unfinished project crossed off the list, I will gain momentum to follow through with other projects from start to finish, before starting something else. 

Looking at it this way also helps me to look at what small steps I can tackle when I don’t have a lot of time to sew. It’s like moving the pawns forward. I may not have the time to pull out something detailed, but knowing a straighforward task moves even a small project one step closer to being a finished project.

Then I can start something from this list:

To be fair other long-awaited projects have finally come to an end.  We began these flower beds last spring and the raised bed frames sat unfilled growing weeds. Last week dirt was delivered and my hub used the tractor to fill them. I had to spread it evenly in each raised bed, but within a week voila!

Sometimes the process takes longer than you’d expect, but if you keep taking steps toward the end you will get there!


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