Commitment to contain

“I, Maja, commit to using as many pieces of stash fabric in 2015 as I can so that it can fit into only two trunks and the drawers beneath my sewing desk. I also commit to not adding any excessive yardage without a firm plan for an immediate make.”

As part of the Stashbusting 2015 pledge I’m documenting the current status of my sewing & knitting paraphernalia.

Fabric currently contained in one Rubbermaid bin, two trunks, and three drawers. Knitting supplies contained in three drawers.

Assorted Contents of said stash…






So it may be a small stash by comparison, but as my sewing space is a corner of the living room I feel I disguise it well.

P.S. I hope that the money I save by Stashbusting will be enough to buy a fab dress form and a serger. Do you have a secret sewing splurge planned as a reward?


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