2015: hello discipline, focus & passion.

Life always feels better to me when I’m creating. I know that being creative stimulates me and pushes me to being my best self. This year I intend to honor that calling by participating in the creative online communities that inspire me and also by sharing or documenting my creative journey here at Otherwise known as…


This is me snuggled into a pile of pillows. I write, knit, sew, sing, bake and snap pictures.

My creative tally since January 1st includes two Renfrew cowls, the PurlBee bandana cowl. I have multiple unfinished projects to tackle including a dress, a skirt, a quilt for my niece and my first knitted sweater, which I actually finished on Christmas Eve but the sleeves were droopy so I’m redoing them.

The Bandana Cowl had been on my want to make list for a few years. It knitted up quickly with some Cascade that I bought in November from Yarnorama. It helped me to understand short rows, but somehow that part of the cowl looks like there is a twist added. I’m happy with the effect, I just wish I knew how to replicate it. I have another skein of the same yarn and will probably make a twin of this for a friend.


The beauty of this small project is motivation to complete the sleeves and start enjoying my new sweater.

Small, intentional steps each day help build the pathways to our goals. Yep.

Until then, keep honoring your creative spirit.


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