True story: So I joined a stash busting sew a long last week inspired to sew away fabric accumulations in old trunks, rubber-steri-maid-lite containers and nooks and crannys. Today, inspired by all the fab clothing patterns floating the interweb I bought surprisingly good choices at national box store because it was close. Worked out to a stack of five two-yard-plus cuts of knit fabric to try my hand at said fabulous patterns. I cut up the Plantain, bought the Espresso leggins (need to print) and will buy/print Renfrew as soon as I get home.

Next stop in this crazy train, picking fabric from my stash that *might* work for Archer. I have a Japanese double gauze that I think could work nicely if there is enough yardage.

Second stop on stash break-out is not throw pillows, a bag or a quilt. Oven mits? Table runners? Burp cloths? At least this will electroshock my plan. Now that I bought, I have to use just as much.

Let this Olympic sew-down begin! Which reminds me I need to sew a flag…


On goals and progress

I’ve said to myself dozens of times that I can not buy more fabric until I make use of what I have. Sometimes that works and other times it doesn’t. As I scan other blogs and see “sew-cial media bloggers” I never quite grasp onto how they stumbled into their community. So today I broke in, well I hope to (fingers crossed!) and joins a stash busting sew-a-long.
My pledge is to:
A. use more of my stash fabric than newly purchased fabric
B. use those projects for community fundraising (Relay for Life)
C. or other gift-giving, charitable or otherwise.

I’m excited about this new adventure and how it will influence my crafting and mindset along the way.

Happy stitching!