The Quilt

The Quilt
So last night I shared the photo of my quilt in progress. I’m using Laura Gunn’s Poppy collection and Alexander Henry’s Heath from In the Kitchen. I fell in love with the Poppy pattern in the rust color. I love the contrast with the blue background so that will be the backing to my quilt. I’m particularly excited about that since it will give our bed two different options. A green quilted look and the poppy coverlet look.

I’m also going to make corresponding pillow cases. I haven’t planned anything, but they’ll also be Poppy coordinates since I have a surplus in my stash. It will be fun to see what I end up with.

I think I’ll have time to complete the green side over the weekend. Then I’ll move to the tricky part – basting. However, I think I’m going to try the adhesive method Film in the Fridge ( uses rather than spending an entire day stitching in circles and getting a terrible pain in the neck.


Admittedly Sewing

That’s what works for me, and rather than clog the ole FB with photos and details.  My plan is to put them here, like so many other crafty people who blog.   Nothing to lose from it, so enjoy.

I’m piecing my first large quilt.  Took advantage of laying it on the bed while changing the sheets…

Laura Gunn King Quilt